have you hugged yourself today?

i still remember that question.

i was not able to answer it.

but there you were, you always so,

if you ask questions

you have had the answers.

your arms are too short for your body.

but certainly long enough for me.

then you came into my arms

and dwelt therein.

do you still keep that hug?

we asked each other.

then we laughed together.

a hug is the only

answer to the question.

then buried us into memories.


my wife prefer to hug than to say a word:

i love you, boy!

i love you, husband!

as if the two arms

can convey all the secrets.

our children grow

loving arms more than words.

that is why every night my wife

prayed to be an octopus.

and all of us come into

the hugs of her hands.


one by one, the body

will escape from the hug

then our arms

began to carry guns

and wars.

the body was destined

to belonged to a hug

then later owned by bullets.

– diterjemahkan oleh Fatima Alkaff dari puisi berjudul ‘Pelukan’.


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