three final notes


with eyes closed,

i witnessed my own pair of eyes

setting free millions of fireflies,

like leaves bidding farewell to it’s trees.

the fireflies gathered at the tips

of my fingers and planted their last kiss

before taking flight, glittering the night sky

the fireflies fled far and wide

in search for your eyes.

eyes closed for another pair of closed eyes.

conspired by nature and night.

and you thought the fireflies

that flew into your eyes formed a dream,

the one you kept guessing the meaning of.

but in time you will know,

whenever a firefly lands on petals of your cheeks

that very moment it is i whom you think of.


suddenly i was able to understand

everything that visited my eyes

even the ones that i thought were dreams

suddenly i was in love

exceeded all the fallen loves

that have hurt my chest. yet

when i want to say this to your ears

i no longer have a voice,

when i want to say this to your eyes

i no longer have the light.


slowly water seeps within the pores of my skin

forming small rivers in my body

a river in search of caves in my chest

looking for the sea that was once occupied by

thousands of your tiny fish

right before my eyes were shut

and the coffin was closed,

the rivers overflowed,

evaporated into the vast sky,

the one you always gaze up to

while biting your own lip

to stop the tears from falling,

because you don’t want to seen weaker

than the sky in the months of rain

don’t worry. you and the sky

will get by the grief

you cried from my death.

– diterjemahkan oleh Dian Harigelita dari puisi aslinya berjudul ‘Tiga Catatan Terakhir’.


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