it was just raining in my dream,

in my sleep, in a pair of my closed eyes.

then the rain falls in love with my eyes

which never slept. i always find my eyelashes

wet like the dew on the grass, in the morning and evening.

then the rain was also in love to my body.

delightedly shower me, bathe my body.

my body suddenly has a bathroom

with a tub full of eternal rain.

then the rain was in love to my bed,

to my room, my house too. it is full of rain.

i saw the cabinets, chairs and tables, clothes, books,

and my memories swam in a huge puddle.

then the rain in love to my yard.

drowned the trees and flowers

in my garden. i saw the stalk

and carrion floating in front of my house.

then the rain was also in love to road

i watched the rain was running like a vehicle

on it. i do not know where will it go.

you know, i always imagined rain coming to

your house, knocking on your door,

pushed into your room, climbed your bed,

soak your body, and fell in love with your eyes.

i always pray, in your sleep, in dreams,

a pair of your closed eyes looking at me and the rain,

watching me playing in the rain, alone.

and you come along.

– diterjemahkan oleh Fatima Alkaff dari puisi berjudul ‘Bermain Hujan’.

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